Mercy Ministry


The primary goal of Saving Grace Church's Mercy Ministry is to assist in meeting the practical needs of church members and other regular attenders who are experiencing hardship due to sickness or other difficult life circumstances.

There are many opportunities to serve. Join in with an organized service event, or sign up as a regular Mercy Ministry volunteer. Volunteers are made aware of needs as they come up and can choose whether or not they are able to help. Volunteers are needed for: construction, plumbing, electrical, painting, auto maintenance, yard care, snow shoveling, moving help, cleaning, transportation, childcare, visiting, and providing meals. Sign up here.

We all have periods in our life when we need the support of those who love and care for us. If you have a need that might be met through this ministry, please contact the church office at (724) 349-7940.


Every 2-3 months there are organized opportunities to join with others from the church and serve. Find a Service Day event that suits you. Not only is it a joy to serve others, but it is a joy to serve alongside other brothers and sisters in Christ. It's free physical exercise (for most events) and likely interactions with a variety of people, some of who you might know and likely others you don't yet know well. 

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...