Pastoral Search team


Andrew first started attending the church in 2014. Since then he has mostly been involved with the Mercy Ministry Team, but also Sunday morning Bible study classes and various activities throughout the year. Most recently he has been helping with Photography. 


Andrew has been a part of the church his whole life, 33 years. He has been a teacher/helper in Kids' Cove for over 15 years, he has served as a Team Leader and Leadership Team member for Youth Camp, and he has been a Fellowship Group Leader for four years. 


Ben has been a part of Saving Grace Church for over 30 years. He has been involved in Middle School/High School/College ministries as a student and as a leader, he was a small group leader, and he was previously the Children's Ministry Director/Deacon. 


Bonnie has been a part of the church since 1989. She has served on the Prayer Team, lead the Steps to Freedom study, and is very involved with Evangelism, Discipleship and Jail Ministry. 


Cynthia has been at the church since its beginning, nearly 40 years. She has been involved with Children’s Ministry, Worship Team, Home-school Co-op, Youth Camp Volunteer, Steps to Freedom study and others. She is currently involved with Women’s Ministry, Bible Studies, Prayer Team,  Evangelism, Discipleship, and Jail Ministry.


Ed has been a part of Saving Grace Church for over 20 years. He has been a Fellowship Group Leader, an Advisory Board Member and an Usher. He has also served as a member of the Mercy Ministry Team and has helped with Bereavement Meals. 


Erik has been a part of Saving Grace Church since 2001.  He has helped with Campus Ministry (REC), Christianity Explored classes, Kids' Cove, Financial Team, and he is currently helping with Transform. 


Joe has been a part of the church for 22 years. Over the years he has taught in the Children's Ministry, led the Campus Ministry and Young Adult Ministry, he has been a small group leader and a Youth Camp Team Leader. Since joining the staff as a pastor, he has had the opportunity to serve in a number of different roles, getting to know many of the members from whom, he says, he has learned a ton.


Kathie has been a part of Saving Grace Church since 1990 and has been involved in a number of ways over the years. She has worked in the office since 1993 and currently serves on the Financial Team, Women’s Ministry Planning Team, Mercy Ministry Team and helps at the Connect Center on Sunday morning.  


Patty has been a regular attender of the church since its very first meeting in 1980. She has been involved in many ways over the years. She has taught in Children's Ministry, led the homeschool co-op and care groups with her husband Andrew, and she has helped with Event Planning, Women's Ministry, Youth Camp and much more. She is currently a member of the Worship Team and the Prayer Team.


 Steve and his wife Lynne joined the church in 1993 when it was Lord of Life Church.  Steve has almost always been a part of the Worship Team as well as various Tech Teams, and he has served as a small group leader.