Our Missionaries


    Amazima Ministries

    Claire Amico is one of Saving Grace Church’s new, regularly-supported missionaries! Claire attended SGC for several years while attending IUP. While on a short visit to the States in December, she spoke at Transform about her ministry with The Amazima School in Uganda. She teaches the staff members’ children. The mission of the school is to provide a classical Christian education for Ugandan youth. Please pray for Claire as she serves the Lord through teaching. 


    Children's Home Chain

    Mike Hartle is the founder and director of Children’s Home Chain. The long-term vision is to have a series of children’s homes stretching throughout Uganda up to South Sudan. RUHU is the first link of this chain and there is now another link, God’s Tender Mercy, a new children’s home for orphan refugees near the South Sudan border which already has 37 kids.


    Cru IUP

    Cru's desire is to see that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus. They seek this goal by sharing the Gospel, building up believers in their faith, and sending them out to be missionaries wherever they go.

    Mike serves full-time on campus at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) seeking to evangelize and disciple students.

     Mike's Newsletter


    Life Choices is a ministry committed to upholding the sanctity of human life by assisting and educating individuals facing unplanned pregnancies. Life Choices has been called to be a culture-changer for the community and since 1984, they’ve been dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of young men, women and families facing unplanned pregnancies, offering life-affirming options to those in this difficult situation.



    Life-Way Pregnancy Center has helped thousands of young women, young men and children since 1989. Their vision is to reach all who need help with pregnancy, adoption or parenting. Young women are learning about healthy pregnancies, preparing for delivery and how to be a good mom. Young men are becoming confident dad who will provide for their child. Families are being taught how to build strong, stable and safe homes.



    Wycliffe Associates

    Wycliffe Associates is dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission by translating every verse of God’s Word into every tongue to change every heart in the world.

    Misha serves as a translation advisor for two Bible translation teams in Tanzania, East Africa.

     Misha's Newsletter


    Raising Up Hope for Uganda

    Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU) seeks to provide help and education for orphans while helping their families overcome poverty through initiating sustainable income generating projects.

    Patrick is the founder, director, and visionary of RUHU. His primary focus is to help children who have no hope and who receive no food, clothes, or love.

      Patrick's Newsletter


    Mercy Ships

    Mercy Ships follows the 2000 year old model of Jesus. They deliver free, world-class healthcare services to the forgotten poor in developing nations. More than 1,500 crew members from around the globe serve annually. Each one volunteers his/her services to help fulfill the mission of Mercy Ships. 

    Catrice is a Registered Nurse from Washington State. She learned of the Mercy Ships as a young teenager and knew immediately that one day she would become a nurse and join them. She is now in Africa, fulfilling that dream.

     Catrice's Newsletter


    Aleka is serving in Southern Europe. Please pray for her and her work. 

  • N & T

    N & T are serving in a sensitive location in South Asia. Please pray for them and their work.

  • R & M

    R and M are serving in a sensitive location in Central Asia. Please pray for them and their work.

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