Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board (which is comprised of a minimum of three church members) exists in order to provide counsel to our pastors. Each member on the Board is chosen by the pastors and must be a member conversant with our Statement of Basic Beliefs. Members of the Advisory Board serve one-year terms, although the pastors may ask specific members to stay on longer in order to provide continuity.

Erica Aiken

Erica is a school counselor at the Indiana Area Junior High School. In addition to the Advisory Board, Erica is also a member of the Women's Ministry Planning Team and a receptionist for the Kids' Cove. Erica and her husband, Matt, have 2 children. 

Kyle Bruno

Kyle is an HSE Coordinator at Force Environmental Solutions. He is currently a member of the Advisory Board and also a COD (Coordinator of the Day) for the Kids' Cove. Kyle also helps coach the novice group for Indiana Elementary Wrestling. He and his wife, Marissa, started attending the church in 2010. They have 4 children.

Pat Conrad

Pat has been retired from the Eat n' Park Hospitality Group since 2014. In addition to serving on the Women's Ministry Planning Team, Pat has been a Fellowship Group leader and also serves as a Mom's Lounge Attendant. Pat has 3 sons, one daughter and 9 grandchildren.

Albert Hines

Albert is an Engineer. At Saving Grace, he is a 3rd grade teacher in the Kids' Cove, a member of the Worship Team and he also is currently serving as a member of the Advisory Board. Albert was saved in college at the University of Tennessee in 1980. He and his wife, Leslie, started attending the church in 2010. They have 4 daughters.

Alan McGaughran

Alan works as a Family Physician. He and his wife, Joy, lead a Fellowship Group and serve on the Missions Planning Team. Alan heads up the churches’ Prayer Ministry and is also an Usher. He is currently a member of the Advisory Board as well. Alan and Joy have 3 children.