Associate Pastor


Saving Grace Church is a non-denominational, multigenerational church located in Indiana, Pennsylvania. It is led by a plurality of elders, both vocational and non-vocational. The church is situated close to a state university with a student population of about 10,000.  

We've been serving God and our community for 40 years and are currently in search of a full-time associate pastor whose primary responsibilities will be children, youth, and young adult ministries. In addition, the pastor will serve church members of all ages in a variety of contexts. We're looking for someone who has learned to lead and mentor in a local church or parachurch ministry, displays the fruit of the Spirit with godliness and humility, serves joyfully by the gifts of the Spirit, and loves to worship the Lord with his whole heart. The associate pastor must be willing to adapt to changing needs.

Compensation: Salary, Health Insurance, Vacation, Retirement  

Education: Undergraduate degree preferred

                    Bible College / Seminary degree preferred but not required

Experience: 3+ years of ministry experience

Primary Responsibilities

Provide pastoral oversight to Children’s Ministry (Age 1 - Grade 6)

  • Work with the Director of Children’s Ministry
  • Oversee the curriculum  
  • Manage the recruiting and training of volunteers

Develop, strengthen, and oversee Youth Ministry

  • Lead the Youth Ministry Volunteer Team
  • Disciple future youth leaders
  • Share teaching responsibilities

Develop and provide pastoral oversight to Young Adult Ministry

  • Lead the Young Adult Ministry Volunteer Team
  • Disciple future young adult leaders

Additional Responsibilities

  • Attend all elder meetings
  • Attend Advisory Board meetings
  • Disciple and care for church members and regular attenders
  • Visit the sick
  • Perform weddings and funerals
  • Preach on Sundays as needed (up to 6 times a year) 
  • Teach various classes in small group settings

Other Potential Ministry Areas

  • Missions
  • Mercy Ministry
  • Men’s Ministry

Key Qualities

  • Agrees wholeheartedly with the Saving Grace Church Statement of Faith and Constitution
  • Meets the biblical qualifications of an elder (1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9)
  • Humble and teachable
  • Servant’s heart
  • Able to work well with a wide range of personalities, ages, and backgrounds
  • Disciple-maker
  • Teaches and leads with application and transformation in view
  • Able to administer areas of responsibility
  • Able to function comfortably with technology
  • Able to develop and lead teams
  • A strong delegator
  • Loves being with people
  • Evangelistically minded

How to Apply

Please send your cover letter, resume, and list of references to pst.sgc@gmail.com.